Divorce & Family Law Litigation

Divorce And Family Law Litigation: Costs And Benefits

Litigating a divorce or any other delicate family matter should always be a last resort. But some couples simply cannot resolve their issues outside of court.

There are several primary reasons why divorces end up in litigation, such as:

  1. The couple cannot agree on significant matters such as child custody, child support or property division.
  2. There is a history of domestic violence in the marriage, and the safety of the children is at stake.
  3. One party is asking for far more — or willing to share far too little — of the marital estate than what is fair or equitable.
  4. One party may be creating an unfair advantage for themselves by hiding assets or shutting off the other person’s access to mutually held funds.

In these cases, having a litigation attorney at your side demonstrates that you will not be steamrolled into agreements that are unfair or do not provide you with a positive future.

If you are seeking an advocate to protect your interests, let our litigation attorneys help.

Here To Protect Your Interests

At Wade Law Group, we have litigated many family law matters for individuals throughout San Jose and California.

We assist with resolving divorce disputes involving children, spousal support claims and property division arrangements. Our attorneys also help with other family law disputes, including those involving the children of unmarried couples, prenuptial agreements or cohabitation accords.

Trust Our Lawyers To Find Fair Divorce Solutions

Finalizing a contentious divorce is challenging. Fortunately, having an experienced litigation lawyer on your side who has helped others in similar situations provides peace of mind knowing you have an advocate in your corner protecting your future.

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