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When a civil litigation case produces an unsatisfactory result, the attorneys of Wade Law Group have decades of collective experience representing clients in state and federal appellate courts.

Our firm has handled appeals related to real estate litigation, business disputes, family law matters and other practice areas.

More About The Appeals Process

Unfortunately, parties to a lawsuit cannot simply appeal a verdict they do not like. An individual can seek an appeal if a legal mistake was made in the course of the original trial and this mistake affected the outcome of the case.

Attorneys present their case via a written document (known as a brief), arguing why the original ruling should or should not stand. Then, each presents an oral argument to supplement the information in the brief.

Options After Losing An Appeal

For individuals who lose an appeal, there are still options available.

Individuals can request a rehearing if the appellate court made a significant legal error. In some circumstances, they can also file an appeal to the California Supreme Court.

If you need help with an appeal, an experienced lawyer can discuss these options and the appeals process with you in greater detail.

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