Teri Martin
Terri Martin

Teri Martin is the director of sales at Wade Law Group. She has a knack for being compassionate and a good listener. When she speaks with the firm’s potential clients, they realize her special gift of communication and bond very quickly with her. Teri is very passionate about her work and forming relationships.

Prior to joining the firm, Teri took a one office business and grew it to the point where it was able to expand its offices to all 50 states. She has also operated businesses in China. Long Malpractice trials, Family Law, Divorce and Custody are legal areas she has experienced. Terri has worked with several lawyers along the way.

There is no doubting Terri’s general loveliness, but it masks that she is a distinguished winner of the Willard Fleming Humanitarian Scholarship, which she won at the University of California at San Francisco, for her innate ability to put the welfare of others at the forefront. She holds a Blackbelt in Shaolin Kung Fu, and enjoys making baked goods, keto-style.