Brett Martin
Brett Martin

Brett Martin is the Chief Operation Officer of wade Law Group and oversees the firm’s marketing and sales team. He also spearheads the firm’s association with its strategic marketing and sales partners. Brett has over 35 years of sales experience and has a history of helping companies build sales teams, recruit and mentor top talent, and create a success-culture for businesses.

Just prior to joining Wade Law Group, Brett was the General Manager at Hoya USA and had a Jerry Maguire Moment. He realized while negotiating between the General Counsel for his organization’s legal team, and General Counsel at a $3B startup that the classic legal services model was broken – and somebody had to do something about it.

Brett left his comfortable corporate job to work with Mr. Amiel Wade, Founder, and CEO at Wade Law Group – a law firm revolutionizing the legal solutions world.
Amiel and Brett’s original vision for Wade Law Group was documented in The Legal Literacy Manifesto – a revolutionary new view of the Legal Solutions world. Their original manifesto motivated a cadre of followers who helped build Wade Law Group – or who became Wade Law Group’s original clients.