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San Francisco Lawyers

San Francisco Lawyers

Are you in need of San Francisco lawyers? Are you looking for a top professional law firm that represents the entire state of California and knows the ins and outs of California law? Wade Law Group is precisely this firm and definitively outranks other law groups in the San Francisco area. For more information about our group of San Francisco lawyers and who we are as a law firm visit our website here at Wade Law Group.

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San Jose Family Lawyer

San Jose Family Lawyer

Wade Law Group is a trusted and respected San Jose family lawyer service. Wage Law Group will work diligently to understand and deliver favorable results to your case. We have experience with and comprehend the fragile and daunting complexion of circumventing family litigation. Our firm has locations all over California ready to bring you the representation that you not only need but also deserve.  We will be attentive percipients when listening to your case and work to pair you with the best San Jose family lawyer to aid you with your needs.

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law firm in san francisco

Law Firm in San Francisco

Choosing a law firm in San Francisco is not an easy feat. With so many possible options, it’s hard to choose a law firm in San Francisco. What should you look for? What’s important? Do they know what they’re doing? These are extremely important questions to ask yourself when choosing a Law firm in San Francisco. Choosing the right firm is the difference, between winning, and losing your lawsuit. Wade Law group, can guarantee that we’ll use all of our strength to help you, we will tirelessly fight to make sure you get the justice you deserve.

What should you look for?

When choosing a law firm in San Francisco you should alway look at the services they offer. The more service a firm in San Francisco has to offer means the larger they are. For example, Wade Law Group offers services in five major categories


  • Corporate and business Law
  • Business Litigation
  • Civil Litigation
  • Divorce and Family Law Litigation
  • Personal Injury Litigation


Operating in so many different areas of law, Wayde law group can be your law firm in San Francisco, and be able to fulfill all legal needs.

What’s Important?

When choosing a law firm in San Francisco, you need to choose a company that is going to treat your case with the importance it deserves. Here at Wayde Law Group, each case receives special attention, and we promise we will always fight for you. We always want to see Justice be served, so we’ll make sure you receive justice. If you are currently being sued, or need to sue, Wade Law Group can be your law firm in San Francisco.

Do They know what they’re doing?

After everything’s said and done, having experienced lawyers on your side can be the difference between winning and losing a lawsuit.  We Pride ourselves on always striving to be what we believe is one of the best law firms in California.


With offices throughout all of California, Wade Law group always has an office near you. We can be your law firm in San Francisco, but also in 3 other locations in California. Call us today, and have us fighting in your corner!

Law Firm in San Francisco

San Francisco Lawyer

San Francisco Lawyer

Looking for a San Francisco lawyer who can help you in your time of legal need?  Well, you have come to the right San Francisco Law Firm – Wade Litigation.  Depending on what type of legal assistance you require we will assign you the right San Francisco lawyer.  We provide a full range of legal services using the expertise of California bar certified lawyers.

Why Choose Wade Litigation?

Our San Francisco based lawyers cover many different areas of legal practice all throughout the state of California. We believe in providing the best legal solutions to our clients. For Wade Litigation, our client’s protection and best interest for their businesses are put first.  Our San Francisco law firm assures our clientele that whenever legal issues arise we will be there for them. Be it a personal dispute requiring litigation, business or corporate legal matter, property or family, our San Francisco Lawyer are ready to assist you all around the bay area.

We believe that we have the best and the most experienced lawyers in San Francisco.  We have been handling legal disputes for years now and have an excellent track record at all court levels. Our legal strategy is to find the ideal solution depending on your individual case using an aggressive strategy with swift legal action.  We strive to create an open and honest relationship with all of our clients.  This allows us to provide top-notch legal services at a reasonable cost.

Wade Litigation a San Francisco law firm known for providing their clients with positive legal advice with assistance for business and corporate legal issues.  We have a great deal of experience with business litigation including lawsuits, negotiations, and motions for a variety of clients.  Over the years our lawyers in San Francisco have handled property disputes, breach of contract, employment, stakeholders or partnership conflicts, arbitration, mediation and other business related issues that require litigation / lawsuits.


Using a San Francisco lawyer for family law conflicts is the best way to avoid common pitfalls.  Many costly mistakes are made when attempting to navigate complicated court procedure on your own. Visitation and monetary obligations along with asset division should be done by a professional San Francisco lawyer.  Our San Francisco lawyer cover many different areas of divorce, child custody other family law matters.

Let Wade Litigation help your business or person with any type of civil litigation matter.

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San Francisco Lawyer

San Francisco Lawyer