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Divorce Lawyer

Divorce Lawyer

Wade Law Group is a trusted, expert law firm that can assist you in multiple practice areas. If you have been looking for quality divorce lawyer services, our team of family lawyers is prepared to get you through the trial process. We can provide you proficient consultation and legal advice that’ll help you get through this endeavor and onto a resolution. Our main office is situated in beautiful San Jose, California with other offices spanning across the state. We understand that the divorce process can feel long, arduous, and draining. It’s important for you to have proper representation during this emotionally charged process.

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San Jose Family Lawyer

San Jose Family Lawyer

Wade Law Group is a trusted and respected San Jose family lawyer service. Wage Law Group will work diligently to understand and deliver favorable results to your case. We have experience with and comprehend the fragile and daunting complexion of circumventing family litigation. Our firm has locations all over California ready to bring you the representation that you not only need but also deserve.  We will be attentive percipients when listening to your case and work to pair you with the best San Jose family lawyer to aid you with your needs.

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San Jose Law Firms

San Jose Law Firms

If you have been confronted with a legal matter and are finding yourself sifting through different San Jose law firms it can be exhausting, to say the least. Often times, when faced with any type of legal issue, it can be even more frustrating finding the proper attorney or firm within that legal field. The wonderful thing about Wade Litigation is that we have established several satellite law firms located throughout the state of California with San Jose being the headquarters. Additionally, we specialize in several different legal fields. Here are just a few mentionable services you can find at Wade Litigation:

San Jose Law Firms

Your happiness and quality of life is a huge priority for all of us here at Wade Law Group. We truly believe that by guiding you through a difficult situation or complicated legal process we can improve your life in many ways. Unlike many San Jose law firms, we focus on achieving positive results rather than billable hours on your legal matter. Furthermore, it is very important that you can find a reliable, honest firm that you can develop a trusting relationship with. We have been providing our new and existing clients with exceptional legal counsel through many different scenarios for which they require legal help.  There are many times throughout your life when you will need legal counsel for business or personal matters.  Wade Litigation is here for you without judging and will provide the utmost level of respect during these times.

Life certainly does have a way of throwing us curve balls with less than ideal timing. Perhaps you are embarking on a journey to start up a new business. Anyone can tell you that a person’s first or new business is their “baby”. And like any new parent, we only want the absolute best for your businesses future. Consulting with one of our business lawyers during any phase of your business is a smart way to eliminate and avoid any potential risks that would negatively impact your business.

Have you ever had a disagreement with someone that you simply cannot resolve alone? This is a stressful scenario for all parties that are involved in any dispute.  At Wade Litigation we believe in bringing you the positive outcome that you most certainly deserve. Our skilled and experienced civil litigation team will handle any civil case at the state level and if need be all the way up to California’s Supreme Court. Amiel Wade has established himself as a respected and proven trial lawyer in California.  Amiel Wade has received several prestigious and notable awards including a nearly perfect rating of 4.8 out of five stars from Martindale-Hubbell.

Many times a separation, Divorce or an ordered child custody agreement are the only viable options for your family to move forward?  Our San Jose law firms trustworthy family law division will swiftly and smoothly guide you and your family through this transitional phase with the highest levels of respect and integrity.

There are several San Jose Law Firms to choose from when conducting your research for an attorney. If you are looking for the right lawyer or law firm to handle your legal needs choose the award-winning attorneys at Wade Law Group.  We can help you with whatever legal burden you are facing. Wade Law Group is here for you regardless of what you are up against: starting or selling a business, settling a civil suit, or finalizing a divorce along with a child custody agreement. Reach out to us for a free consultation today 888.909.9430


San Jose Law Firms

San Jose Divorce Attorney

San Jose Divorce Attorney

San Jose Divorce Attorney

Falling in love is easy in the beautiful state of California. The mountains, beaches and captivating culture can quickly become the backdrop for a gorgeous ceremony celebrating the union of companions. Of course, life moves quickly and often times people change directions. The word “divorce” is usually followed by an uncomfortable wince by most.

Many people hear the term and immediately associate it with a very long, grueling, and, at times, messy courtroom battle between scorned lovers. Unfortunately, this may be the case with some couples but is definitely not as common as perceived. The sophisticated team of San Jose Divorce Attorneys at Wade Litigation have an objective to change the theory of divorce from stressful to smooth sailing.

According to a recent study, about 40 to 50 percent of marriages end in divorce in the United States of America. According to another recent related study, the State of California has a current annual divorce rate of 9.6 percent. Considering other states like our neighbors in Nevada or our East Coast counterparts in Florida who are at more than 13 percent, us Californians seem to be a bit more on the civil side. Taking an even closer look, it’s reported that out of the 986,320 people in the City of San Jose at least 51 percent identify as married, 8.3 percent are divorced and 1.9 percent are separated. Divorce doesn’t have to mean disaster, distress and then dissolution.

Deciding that divorce is the right life choice for you can be difficult to say the least. Once you are confident that you would like to proceed with a severance of marriage, acquiring a neutral, trustworthy San Jose divorce attorney is crucial to a smooth, stress free process. Here at Wade Litigation, a full staff of experienced, qualified divorce and family law specialists are ready to get you going in the right direction. Whether you are concerned with the separation of assets and finances or custody and child support agreements, our professionals can provide a neutral atmosphere for this very delicate time in your life.

At Wade Litigation we want you to be as confident as us that we can deliver fair results in any case or dispute you may be facing. We have been providing exemplary legal service for more than twenty years. In the past two decade, Wade Litigation has earned numerous prestigious awards and recognitions. Just to name a few, we hold a 4.8 out of 5 star rating with the world-wide legendary Martindale-Hubell as well as being ranked as Top 10 in the State of California for Client Satisfaction at The American Institute of Legal Counsel. You can rest assured that the San Jose divorce attorney and family law experts here will handle your case with dignity and diligence.

If you find yourself facing any type of legal situation, we implore you to reach out to us so the we can help you find peace of mind. Our main office can be found in San Jose at 84 West Santa Clara Street, Suite 750, San Jose, CA. We also have several satellite locations that service the majority of the State of California. To schedule an appointment for a professional consultation, simply dial (888) 909-9430.

San Jose Divorce Attorney

Make Your Divorce an Amicable One and Save Money by Selecting One Attorney as a Neutral Mediator

bigstock_Business_Meeting_-__People_-__286890-300x200If you are faced with the unfortunate circumstance of having to divorce, the smartest way to achieve your divorce, reach an amicable resolution, subject yourself to less stress, and save money, is for the two of you to retain one experienced family law attorney to act as a neutral (to help you resolve all of your issues). The neutral attorney can advise both of you about the divorce process, the custody process, inform you of the manner in which the law requires you to divide your assets, and work out your other disputes. Finally, the neutral will be able to prepare all of the necessary paperwork to help you achieve the divorce in a timely, cost efficient and amicable manner.

Most people assume a divorce means a long battle. However, it is important to keep in mind that even when becoming engaged in a battle, the most important outcome is for you to get at least what you deserve according to the law. Fortunately, you can get what you deserve by using a neutral attorney. The neutral attorney will explain exactly what you are entitled to receive by law and answer any questions that you and your spouse may have about the law and its requirements. Based on the information provided to you by your neutral, you can decide yourself whether you want to give up more than you are entitled to receive by law or instead accept exactly what you are entitled to receive.

Although you both may initially try to dissolve your marriage with a neutral, once it appears clear that a resolution will not be met, you both will need to retain your own experienced attorney, who will fight for your respective rights aggressively and make certain that you receive everything that you are entitled to. The ironic thing is, if the two of you retain experienced and aggressive attorneys, the two of you will most likely end up where you would have been had you used a neutral (a resolution where each of you has received what the law entitles you to receive). Unfortunately, you both would endured more stress and spent much more time and money to reach that resolution.

Even if you anticipate becoming involved in a long battle (because of your spouse’s temperament, attitude and/or motives), it still may be worth it for you to retain a neutral first. By trying a neutral attorney first, it may end in success, allowing you to reap all the benefits of an early and amicable resolution. On the other hand, if your experience with a neutral doesn’t work, at least you will know that you made a valiant effort to save yourself time, money and stress. You will also have educated yourself on the divorce process and your rights and will be well informed before starting your divorce litigation.
For more information on how to approach your divorce in California, contact a professional California Family Law Litigation Attorney. In the San Jose area or within California, call Amiel Wade or any attorney at Wade Law Group at (888) 909-9430 or email Amiel Wade at

California Lawmakers Seek Restrictions on Environmental Lawsuits

enivronmental-law-300x144Four Orange County Republican state lawmakers have signed on to co-author last-minute legislation that would restrain litigation under California’s environmental-protection laws.

The proposal, Senate Bill 317 by State Sen. Michael Rubio, D-Bakersfield, seeks to scale back lawsuits faced by construction projects under the California Environmental Quality Act, a 42-year-old law that requires state and local agencies to analyze and require mitigation for the environmental impacts of proposed developments.

CEQA, as the law is known, has long been a source of contention among Republicans, who say its provisions, particularly those that allow for litigation by environmental-protection groups, dramatically increase the cost of doing business in California.

Every year, it seems, the Legislature approves a handful of bills that create CEQA exemptions for specific projects, like the one approved last year for the proposed Farmers Field football stadium in downtown Los Angeles. Republicans, however, have pushed for broader reforms and some said Wednesday that the Rubio bill might just be the solution they’ve been looking for.

“It’s closer than we’ve ever been to real CEQA reform,” said Assemblyman Don Wagner, R-Irvine, one of the Orange County co-authors.

Joining Wagner as co-authors is Assemblyman Chris Norby, R-Fullerton, and state Sen. Mimi Walters, R-Laguna Niguel, and Senate Republican Leader Bob Huff of Diamond Bar, whose district includes a piece of Orange County.

“It’s still percolating,” Norby said, “but I think if we’re going to have a bipartisan vote on it, it will pass.”

The proposal is likely to face opposition from the environmental lobby as well as some Democrats in the Assembly and Senate. Earlier this month, more than 30 Democratic lawmakers sent a letter to Assembly Speaker John A. Perez, D-Los  Angeles, and Senate Leader Darrell Steinberg, D-Sacramento, saying they’re concerned about proposals to weaken CEQA.

For information on California Business Law, contact a professional California Business Attorney. In the San Jose area or within California, call Amiel Wade at Wade Law Group at(888) 909-9430.