The divorce process can be emotionally charged, volatile and draining and it is extremely important for the participants to have a competent and savvy attorney to provide adequate representation.

In order to fully achieve the dissolution of a marriage, the division and allocation of the parties’ property rights must be determined. At Wade Law Group, we fully understand California Community Property Laws and make every effort to make certain that our clients’ property rights are fully protected. In many instances the divorce participants have children who are involved in the process. In connection with spousal support and child support orders, the state of California uses statutory guidelines that govern the child and spousal support processes. Child Custody deals with the living arrangements of the parties’ children and the rights and obligations of the parties concerning those living arrangement.

At Wade Law Group, we understand the importance of effectively representing our clients when they are seeking to obtain and/or defend against child support, spousal support and child custody orders. Whether a divorce involves complex financial issues or easily identifiable issues, Wade Law Group attorneys know how to achieve client satisfaction.

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When the issues can be resolved and settled amicably, Wade Law Group attorneys know how to draft the agreements necessary to dissolve the marital issues expeditiously. On the other hand, when the issues are complex, At Wade Law Group attorneys make certain that their clients’ rights are fully protected and that they get everything that they deserve throughout the divorce process.

When properly dealing with your family and loved ones, let Wade Law Group and their Divorce & Family Law lawyers assist you. We fully comprehend the delicate and stressful nature that encompasses any family law litigation issues.

Our main goal is to reduce the anxiety levels for all parties involved.  Not only does this tremendously affect you but your spouse and children will be heavily influenced by any and all decisions.  Hiring the right San Jose divorce lawyer will lessen any negative impact that can arise from such a tumultuous time.  Wade Law Group knows that a San Jose family law attorney should be personal and caring.

Wade Law Group handles all issues regarding family law and with us you have the perfect divorce lawyer San Jose.  The services our family law litigation specialist can do for you vary from annulments, child support, divorce, paternity, property division, spousal support (alimony), and parental time share scheduling.

Child Support

Child Support guidelines in California are strictly governed according to state law.

The lawyers at Wade Law Group will work closely with both the mom and the dad to determine child support requirements according to state laws.  Certain factors can influence the final decision regarding the who pays what and the exactly amount of monthly obligations.

These key factors include certain needs of the child(s), age, station in life, standard of living, along with the financial status and ability of each parent.  Finances can change due to a myriad of circumstances and if one parent moves to a more distant location, we will work to seek a modification for the existing order.


Over one hundred thousand couples get divorced annually in California every year.

Average marriages in California last around ten years, most recently there has been a large uptick in divorces of partners marries twenty-five to forty years.  When these newly separated spouses decide to remarry, the 2nd marriage can cause many issues best handled by a San Jose divorce lawyer.

Non adult age children’s interest must heavily be taken into consideration, assets and businesses all play a large role in determining who gets what and how.  Wade Law Group will assign the right divorce lawyer San Jose for your particular case.  Amicable settlement of marriage assets and the agreement of parental duties and time sharing will be the main goal.  Working this out with both parents is crucial to finding harmony within the divorce.

Prenuptial agreements

Prenuptial Agreements

Before a marriage begins you avoid any long drawn out messy divorce proceeding.  A prenuptial is not only for the uber rich anymore!  You can draw up an agreement in advance that will determine how assets, liabilities, and most importantly the family commitment and responsibility.  

Handling this agreement upfront allows the mother and father the ability to concentrate on a more healthy supportive marriage.  Doing a prenuptial before the actual legal wedding (date of marriage), permits both parties the consolation knowing they have agreed to a legally binding document together.

Parental Time-Sharing

Parental Time-Sharing

Having a parenting plan is now required for all California cases that involve time share responsibilities for a minor child or children even if time sharing is not disputed. A time share agreement can become difficult if supervised time share is order, or if a relocation or long distance move has occurred.  Wade Law Group will make sure the San Jose divorce attorney files the proper documents with the family court to permit a parental time sharing plan that allows for such revisions.

Wade Law Group divorce attorney San Jose can represent either the husband or wife compassionately as they know this will be one of the most difficult times in their life.  Contact Wade Law Group for a completely confidential review and briefing of any potential family law matter.

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