When a party is sued, that party needs a proven trial lawyer who knows the courtroom as well as the dynamics of litigation.

The litigation process can be emotionally charged, volatile and draining and it is extremely important for the participants to have a competent and savvy attorney who can provide adequate and aggressive representation. At Wade Law Group we savor going into battle for our clients and we pride ourselves in being more prepared and more informed than our opponents. We are dedicated, aggressive and proven trial attorneys.

Whether the litigation involves complex issues or easily identifiable issues, Wade Law Group attorneys know how to achieve client satisfaction. When the issues can be resolved and settled amicably, Wade Law Group attorneys spring into action to take the actions necessary to expeditiously and cost effectively resolve the dispute. On the other hand, when the litigation issues are complex, Wade Law Group attorneys spring into action to take all of the steps necessary to fully protect a client’s rights and prepare the best case for trial.

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At Wade Law Group, we know the civil justice system thoroughly and we work hard and intelligently to win for our clients! The core areas of our civil litigation practice includes, but is not limited to: corporate and business disputes, real estate disputes, construction disputes, serious personal injury maters, probate matters, divorce litigation and family law matters and more.

Wade Law Groups civil litigation department has carved a specialty niche in the arena of high stakes, fight to the last breath cases that entail complex commercial based litigation, contractual, unfair competition claims, fraudulent activities, torts for businesses, civil forfeiture, white collar business crime and similar issues. A great civil litigation lawyer will know the complexities involved and that each civil matter is unique. Our firm has represented many high profile cases and knows how to properly bring your suit to fruition at all court levels.

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Our seasoned civil litigation lawyers have the experience to represent you at the different levels of trial courts and appellate courts up to the state and federal level. Mediation through arbitration panels can be an option if both sides are willing to participate.  

We have developed a proven strategy to attain a positive resolution as expediently as possible.  Wade Law Group assigns the proper civil litigation lawyer with a focal point pertaining to your civil lawsuit.  Then our team approach of utilizing all resources and connections dedicated to delivering a triumphant resolution.    

Our trademark of success at Wade Law Group has led to our firm being involved in multiple significant cases of notoriety lately.