Wade law group gets case dismissed on behalf of client july 29, 2013

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Wade Law Group Gets Case Dismissed on behalf of Client July 29, 2013 – Wade Law Group

(San Jose, CA) July 29, 2013- The prominent law firm of Wade Law Group claimed victory yesterday when a lawsuit filed against its client was dismissed. This latest case involves a lawsuit filed against the firm’s client, Blake Richards, alleging that he hand other had defrauded the Plaintiff out of the ownership of their property.

When Wade Law Group accepted the case, Wade argued that Richards had done nothing wrong and that there were others who had been responsible for the fraud. Yesterday, the case was dismissed and Wade and his client both claimed victory.

When asked how he felt about the dismissal, Wade said: “we are pleased that we were able to convince everyone that the Plaintiff had major problems with their case. I’m happy for my client”.

About Wade Law Group Wade Law Group is a law firm that specializes in civil and business litigation (i.e. lawsuits). The firm is committed to providing superior and distinctive services while building client relationships and achieving client satisfaction second to none. The firm’s founder is an experienced business and trial attorney who has handled several high profile cases, resulting in winning trial verdicts, one of which was over $11 million dollars. He has been endorsed by numerous attorneys, both within California and in other states. The firm’s clients include companies and individuals involved in litigation as well as family law clients and personal injury victims. The firm is dedicated to providing superior and distinctive services, while building client relationships and achieving client satisfaction second to none.


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