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by | Oct 11, 2017 | Firm News

Nobody likes when their problems have to be settled in court. Nobody. It also so happens that, much more often than we desire, ending up in a litigation over what started as a seemingly insignificant event has now become an accepted norm. When this happens, the smart and wise man will both tell you, “It’s about time you get yourself a business litigation lawyer.” How often do we come to this realization begrudgingly – secretly wishing the whole problem would just disappear in a moment? Well now, with Wade Law Group, there is no longer any reason to stress over finding a new business litigation lawyer. Regardless of what side of the law you find yourself on when that moment of need comes, we at Wade Law Group can step in and take the reins, effectively representing you in a professional way backed by decades of experience and expertise.

The confidence we hold in ourselves regarding our effectiveness for properly overseeing a case is not one presented lightly. Our ability to hold our heads high and understand just what our limitations are so that we do not exceed them is the next positive trait shared by the team at Wade Law Group. And this trait is not one that just naturally occurs to all lawyers or even most of them. Our shared ability to think independently while living selflessly is just a mockup of the life our founder Amiel Lee Wade has and continues to live. It is no mystery why Wade Law Group and Mr. Wade himself is known to be the best business litigation lawyer found in the San Jose, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and other major California areas. Having once been a San Jose Police Officer, Mr. Wade has always had a reputation for being both tenacious and sophisticated, sometimes fighting for his clients as the defender and sometimes as the professional. He has continuously won awards for his rewarding talents and has yet to push his clients and firm anywhere but forward.

Allowing Wade Law Group to represent you as your business litigation lawyer is a privilege we hope you will grant us the honor of doing. Here are a few benefits and practices that we as a whole can accomplish for you or your loved ones in need of a business litigation lawyer.

    • Client satisfaction is paramount and always comes first.
    • Locations throughout the entire state of California.
    • Knowledgeable and experienced attorneys suited for whatever role needed of them.
    • Pre-litigation counseling, mediation, arbitration, and litigation in state and federal courts.
    • Rapid resolutions to conclude court proceedings with the highest possible outcome.

There really is no substitute for experience and leadership. The Wade Law Group is your go-to business litigation lawyer should any situation arise where a legal conflict needs to be settled inside the courtroom. Visit our website at Wade Law Group for additional information regarding our services and who we are. Please Contact Us at the link provided to set up a consultation so that we can utilize our collective experience as a business litigation lawyer to get you out of the courtroom successfully, and as quickly as possible.


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