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December 2017 Archives

Business Law Attorney

Disagreements happen. The judicial system is in place to decipher the law and put an end to legal disputes. Certain disputes can endure much longer than predicted. This is especially true when a lawsuit has been filed. If your situation calls for the counsel of a California business law attorney then you should not settle for mediocrity. You can rest assured that your case will be handled both professionally and respectfully if you acquire your business law attorney from Wade Law Group. Our law firm handles business lawsuits, civil lawsuits, and other litigation needs throughout the entire state of California. Visit our website to read more about our different legal services at the link provided here: Wade Law Group.

Do you have a Right to Sue Someone and Initiate Litigation?

Most of us deal with other individuals every day.  We meet some people who tell us the truth, and unfortunately, we meet others who do not tell us the truth.  If you ultimately deal with someone who has agreed to perform in some way but has failed to deliver, you may have a right to sue someone and initiate litigation against the person for damages.  Whether or not you have a right to initiate litigation depends on the circumstances of your interactions with the other person.

Being Served With A Lawsuit

Getting served court papers is not something to take lightly. If you have been served with a summons and a lawsuit in California, you will only have 30 days to respond to the lawsuit.  Your response to the lawsuit has to be submitted in a certain format. You will not be able to simply submit a letter or make a call to the other attorney or court.

Civil Litigation Attorney

Have you encountered a legal dispute that calls for a civil litigation attorney? Are you searching for the best civil litigation attorney in the state of California? Do you want a civil litigation attorney from one of the most well-respected and highly regarded California law firms? If you find yourself answering yes to any of these questions then take some time to look into our team at Wade Law Group. Wade Law Group is a law firm that actively represents every region of the entire state of California. We were founded by Amiel Wade, the most highly honored and awarded civil litigation attorney in our respective area, and we guarantee a quick and satisfactory outcome for all those that seek out our help. To find out more about the different legal services we provide or for more information about our law firm visit our website here: Wade Law Group.

Top Attorneys in California

Are you in need of representation from the top attorneys in California for a family law matter or other civil dispute? For over twenty years, Amiel Wade has been winning court cases for those in need of legal assistance with aggressive, savvy and knowledgeable legal advocacy.  

Call 408-842-1688 or toll free at 855-656-7590 or send a confidential email to request a case evaluation. Office locations located all throughout the state.

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As litigation attorneys in San Jose, we have handled complex cases and obtained real results for individuals throughout the Bay Area and beyond.

Whether you are a business owner who needs help resolving a breach of contract dispute or a parent looking for skillful guidance regarding a custody dispute, let a skilled, successful team of attorneys help you.

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