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Finding a lawyer san jose for Civil litigation is a decision that should be based off of certain criteria.  At Wade Law Group we have succeeded in winning hundreds of settlements on behalf of our clients.  With literally almost 3000 listings for a lawyer san jose on YellowPages.com, you should do some research on your own.  Does this lawyer have positive reviews from his Clients?  Even more impressive is when said lawyer san jose has positive reviews from his legal peers & colleagues.  At Wade Law Group we have impeccable ratings across the board from all legal review sites.  Plus a stellar track record for delivering large monetary settlements to those deserving and in need of relief.

Civil Litigation means to litigate means to file a case against someone and bring the case to court. An example of a litigation is a civil trial. This is when one party- the plaintiff- files claims against another party- the defendant- in an attempt to collect damages or money. Another type of litigation is a criminal case. A criminal case arises when the state or government attempts to prosecute someone who has committed a crime,  like a car thief. Civil law defines a human's unalienable rights and also establishes a system through which disputes and conflicts involving those rights can be resolved.  This is the United State's court system. Wade Law Group and its founder, Amiel Wade, know this system and will use their extensive experience and legal knowledge to bring justice to your side.  If you find yourself in need of a lawyer san jose then give us a call.

Civil litigation usually deals with contractual agreement violation, personal injury claims, property law, debt collection and family matters such as will disputes. A civil litigation attorney works with the laws that establish the rights of an individual. Civil law allows an injured party to sue the party causing the injury for money in order to cover damage to a property or person. Civil law is often a gray area for many people.  That is why here at Wade Law Group we have many lawyer san jose that can help.  We are here on your side to make everything clear and understandable.

Having the scales tip even slightly in your favor can mean all the difference when getting justice in your case. Here at Wade Law Group, we say that we are "committed to justice".  But we don't just say it, we mean it!  Your team at Wade Law Group will work tirelessly to deliver positive results when representing you or giving you advice during civil litigation cases. Having the proper evidence documentation, witnesses, and testimonies are imperative to give your case the advantage when you're in court. Wade Law has proven lawyer san jose that will deliver your best result for finding justice.  Picking the best lawyer san jose is a very trying task with so many to choose from.  

Most cases usually don't even get to trial and will be somehow be dismissed and or settled by the court. At the San Jose Wade Law Group, we can handle any situation that you need legal assistance with. Civil litigation is constantly in the news and always an issue in the public arena, and that is why we make a point to be experts on the topic.  Get the money you deserve.


Everyone here at Wade Law shares the same sentiment and strives valiantly towards the worthy cause of protecting you and your family. Next time you are searching for lawyer San Jose, look no further that Wade Law Group.   We are ready to represent you in any legal scenario that you may have to overcome. Visit our website today for more info at https://www.wadelitigation.com/  or Give us a call at (888) 909-9430

Lawyer San Jose

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