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Contracting with employees can lead to legal issues

In most cases, employers and employees are free to enter into employment contracts.

In many professions and for many high-level executive positions, it is even expected for an employee and employer to negotiate the terms of employment and to put those terms in writing.

Representing clients in commercial real estate disputes

One of the most important aspects of any California business's overall plan involves the location of the business. Just about every business needs at least some real estate space to operate in, and the type of real estate deal the business enters can really make or break the business in the long term.

Most of the time, while negotiations may be intense, business real estate disputes go the way the parties anticipate. In other words, both sides get what they expect out of the deal. However, in a number of cases, the buyer or the seller may discover that their real estate deal just is not what they expected it to be. In the worst case scenario, a buyer may even discover that it has invested in property that just will not suit its business needs.

What is a supply contract?

Many businesses in San Jose and the rest of the Bay Area must purchase the raw materials they need to continue to operate. Even businesses that are not manufacturing goods will need a regular stream of supplies.

For instance, just about any office environment is going to need at least some paper, even if they have gone to exclusively digital communication. Even something like coffee for the break room can be the subject of a supply contract.

Could your business be headed for a partnership dispute?

When you started your California business, you were probably excited for the future and full of plans about how your business would achieve success. If you started your company with another person, you and your partner probably started out on the same page, wanting the same things and pursuing the same goals. It is not always easy to maintain a business partnership long term.

Sometimes, disagreements between business partners escalate to disputes that necessitate legal action. It is possible to take steps to avoid this situation, starting with understanding what factors sometimes make it difficult for partners to work together for the duration. You may also want to learn more about what you can do to protect the interests of your business in the event that you find yourself in a legal battle with a partner.

What is considered separate property during a divorce?

There are many people who got through divorces in California each year. Going through a divorce is not a very fun experience for most people. It can be emotional as their marriage is ending and usually it does not end because people are happy with each other. During this emotional time when personal animosity is running high, it can be difficult to make the important decisions the couple must make, but it is something they must do.

People need to make decisions about who will have custody and parenting time. They also need to divide their assets. This is a community property state, which means that most assets and property that are acquired during the marriage are equally owned by both spouses regardless of which one actually acquired the property. All community property must be equitably split between the spouses. However, spouses can each have separate property, which they will automatically keep after the divorce.

Basic procedure for a domestic violence restraining order

Couples and family members in California get into arguments and fights from time to time. This is common, but it is important that the arguments are verbal and not physical. However, many arguments unfortunately do result in physical violence. This can be very detrimental to the victim of the violence both physically and mentally. Unfortunately many times it is not just a one-time occurrence either. There are many repeat victims of domestic violence stuck in situations they may not know how to leave.

People who find themselves in this situation may be able to obtain a domestic violence restraining order against the perpetrator of the violence. These orders prohibit the perpetrators from having any contact with the victims. This includes going to their homes or being a within a certain distance of the victim. They can also have no phone contact either so they cannot try an manipulate the victim in any way. If they do have contact with the victim they can be arrested.

Important elements of a contract to avoid vendor disputes

There are many different types of businesses in California. While the products and services they provide vary greatly, they all do have some commonalities. One of the aspects of business that most companies share in common is that they need to rely on third-party vendors in order to effectively run their business. This could be a company that provides certain parts, a delivery company and many other types of third-party vendors.

The companies need these third-party vendors to be good at what they do as well and meet the expectations. When expectations are not met, the company's bottom line could be hurt due to the mistakes of the third-party vendor which can be very frustrating. It can also lead to vendor disputes and litigation to resolve their disputes. However, some of these can be disputes can be avoided or at least put the company in a good position if there is a dispute by having a well written contract.

Matt Lauer finalizes his divorce from his wife

Many people in California are aware of the fact that Matt Lauer was fired from the Today Show for past inappropriate behavior. The events that led to Lauer losing his job, also led to his wife filing for divorce. The couple has reportedly finalized that divorce now after approximately two years. Lauer reportedly agreed to pay his ex-wife $20 million. It is unclear the rest of the terms of the divorce, but the two were seen together at one of their children's events.

Divorces are becoming more and more common and, while most divorces do not involve the amount of money at stake in Lauer's divorce, people still need to deal with the same types of issues. People will need to make decisions regarding the care of their children such as child custody and parenting time as well as child support. They will also need to make decisions about dividing their assets and debts. Couples will also have to make decisions regarding spousal support.

Addressing a lawsuit against your small business

Running a small business may have been your life's goal. Now that you have a few years of operation under your belt, you may have felt that you were well on your way to success. Of course, even the road to success can have its bumps and blocks, and you may have recently found yourself in a difficult predicament.

Someone filed a legal claim against your company. You may have felt shocked at first, but you may also know that running any type of business comes with the risks of someone -- whether a client, customer, employee, partner or another business -- finding issue with your actions or the actions of the company. What can you do?

Importance of a carefully drafted non-disclosure agreement

Companies in California provide unique services and products for their customers. However, many different companies provide similar products and services. Therefore, it is important for these companies to develop an edge over the competition by providing a superior product or one that has improved features. In order to do this the company will want to keep the differences between their product and others on the market secret. To ensure that this happens they will often times have their employees sign non-disclosure agreements.

These agreements can be very important for keeping their edge over the competition. So, it is important to draft the non-disclosure agreement carefully and thoroughly. This is also important to help prevent or if not to prevent prevail in employment disputes between the employee and the employer if the employee does in fact violate the non-disclosure agreement.

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