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Attorney San Jose

Attorney San Jose

At Wade Litigation, we are eager to support you or your business for a wide variety of legal issues. Our San Jose Lawyers will deliver the utmost attention and become your legal advocate representing you all throughout your case.  Wade Litigation is there for you when you need an attorney San Jose that will provide legal experience and results.  Our main goal is to be there for you in all aspects of your case.  Keeping an open ear and mind to your legal desires is key to alleviating any fears and worries you might have surrounding your case.  Our attorney San Jose will fight tirelessly on your behalf and facilitate the best outcome possible for you.

Attorney San Jose

When you need a California Civil Litigation Lawyer of any kind it will most likely be complex, time sensitive and if you are on the wrong side, costly.  At Wade Litigation, we fully comprehend the complexities of business disputes and disagreements.  New businesses, start-ups, and corporate formations are less complex but require a good attorney to enforce the documents and get everything filed properly.  From the start to the finish, we are there to make certain you will not be surprised down the road.  Any delays due to improper legal advice or representation during the business formation can be costly.

Wade Litigation offers civil and business litigation services to individual persons, businesses, and corporations at all court levels.  It does not matter what your lawsuit or civil case might be about, or even the size of your business.  You can count on Wade Litigation to provide you with cost-effective legal solutions tailored to your circumstances.

  • Breach of Contract
  • Business Litigation
  • Shareholder and Partnership Disputes
  • Civil Lawsuits – Civil Litigation Lawyer
  • Trade Secret and Intellectual Property Litigation Matters
  • Investor Fraud and FINRA Arbitration
  • Patent and Trademark Infringement Claims
  • California Business Lawyer

A good attorney San Jose should always be ready, willing and able to defend your case in court. Although we will thoroughly attempt alternative resolutions to your legal disputes through arbitration and mediation.  Using alternative legal dispute resolutions is always less costly as you will not incur the expenses of a lengthy trial.  Using an experienced attorney San Jose will help you achieve your legal goals.  Holding another party accountable for neglect or breach of contract is important to regaining lost revenue or any monetary investments.  Our top priority at Wade Litigation is a positive end result and this is achieved through extensive investigation and analysis of your legal case.  Assessing the risk and benefit of litigation for your case is crucial and then a legal strategy can be put in place.  San Jose Lawyer

Attorney San Jose

Wade Litigation makes certain that all of our clients will get the utmost level of legal representation and respect – while keeping you informed through the whole process.

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Attorney San Jose

civil litigation lawyer

Civil Litigation Lawyer- Preparation is Key

If you’re aware you require a lawyer but are not wrapped up within a criminal issue, then perhaps a civil litigation lawyer would be an excellent choice to assist you with your case!  Wade Litigation is a law office complete with numerous skilled lawyers with an expertise in a variety of practice areas, as well as civil litigation.  If you have decided a civil litigation lawyer is the best choice for you and your dispute, Wade Litigation is here to assist you with your legal needs.  

Imagine a case in which you performed a service under contract before receiving customer payment for whatever reason and intended to be later paid back.  Instead, your customer either refused or simply hadn’t paid you back in full.  A civil litigation lawyer would be able to assist you in receiving the appropriate compensation for a scenario such as this- many issues are part of the large repertoire of litigation areas civil litigation lawyers cover!

About Civil Lawsuits

A civil lawsuit can be about a number of different issues.  From arguments between individuals, all the way to governmental problems, civil litigation lawyers are there to work these issues out knowledgeably and smoothly.  There are a few ways to go about civil lawsuits that a civil litigation lawyer would be able to guide you through, but a quick rundown of the steps may assist you with a further understanding of why a civil litigation lawyer is an excellent choice for success in your case.  In this scenario, you will have filed a complaint against an individual who has breached a contract.  Keep in mind, a dispute does not always necessarily have to result in court action, but if no agreement is reached during the pre-filing stage the initial pleading must take place and plays out as follows :

  • Complaint- The first step in a civil lawsuit is, sensibly, the issuance of a complaint, or a document detailing the issues that you are facing, and explain what you would like to request for compensation, monetary or not.
  • Calling upon the other party- Next, the individual who has committed an act against you needs to be summoned.  In order to do this a professional of legal experience will provide the defendant with the complaint and the fact that they will indeed be required to travel to court, as they have been summoned.
  • The answer- It will then be necessary for the defendant to process an answer, which is simply a response to the complaint you have filed.     

The key to building a well-constructed case is through preparation and experience with the issues you are currently facing.  Don’t let worry and stress consume your life due to the pressure of choosing a lawyer to support you through these turbulent times.  Wade Litigation has the civil litigation lawyer for you.

Prepared. Experienced. Knowledgeable.  These are the values and traits we place as a front runner in our law firm, values and traits that will give you the peace of mind to focus on the other components of your bustling life, and get your case settled.  San Jose Lawyer  



Civil Litigation Lawyer

Civil Litigation Lawyer California

Civil Litigation Lawyer California

Wade Litigation has law offices located throughout California, each law firm represents an eclectic blend of legal services.  Each satellite office operates akin to a large law firm with a sophisticated approach with skillful legal representation but they respond and deliver with a small firm energy.  When you or your business require a Civil Litigation Lawyer California try Wade Litigation.  Wade Litigation has developed into a dynamic legal force in California for Civil Litigation cases.  We provide legal counsel to individual persons, corporations, and businesses while handling civil litigation at all levels, including arbitrations, trials, and appeals.  Over the years Wade Litigation founder, Amiel Wade has found the most successful legal process has been to surround himself and his firm with attorneys and employees who share his values and work ethic.

Civil Litigation Lawyer California

Amiel Wade began his legal career in the mid 90’s and was admitted to the California Bar in 1996.  For over twenty years, Amiel Wade has been working on all side of the legal process.  Serving as a judge pro tem as both an arbitrator and a mediator for the Santa Clara County Superior Court was an honorable distinction that was an invaluable legal experience.  The springboard that propelled Amiel Wade into the legal arena was serving as a San Jose Police Officer for 4 years.  Having a solid foundation backed by impressive legal skills has led to Amiel Wade being honored with multiple legal awards of distinction.  More than anything else, our legal accomplishments and recognition are a great example of our capabilities to represent you for any California Civil case.

California has found itself smack dab in the middle of a complicated and confused legal arena.  Our Civil Litigation Lawyer California will navigate the myriad of legal pitfalls that commonly trap the uninformed.  Having a Civil Litigation Lawyer California is in your best legal interest when looking to initiate a civil case or lawsuit.  Even if you have had any type of legal action brought against yourself or a company, having a Civil Litigation Lawyer California will protect you better across the board. Wade Litigation lawyers are deeply committed to safeguarding our clientele while delivering successful results.  


Wade Litigation has represented a broad client base.  An imposing reputation for opposing counsel is what you need when looking for a Civil Litigation Lawyer California.  Wade Litigation is that fearsome legal advocate that will go to battle in any legal arena for your rights and justice.  Our trademark for being successful for our clients while respecting the process with honesty and integrity.  What Wade delivers is legal analysis and strategy that does not come with associated typical law firm costs and overhead.  Wade Litigation has a dedication to each client that is responsive, vigorous, that provides a thorough legal representation in your best interest.

Civil Litigation Lawyer California

Wade Litigation attorneys strictly follow a philosophy of personal dedicated client service.  The highest quality of work is produced by having effective communication with our clients throughout the process, the courts, and opposing legal counsel.  Our commitment to a diligent legal strategy while aggressively achieving all of our client’s goals.  Our forceful and persistent advocacy for our clientele, while in the California Courts or while in arbitration is always done with your end goal being prevalent while maintaining the highest ethical standards.  San Jose Lawyer


Wade Civil Litigation Lawyer California will take on a broad scope of civil litigation cases for you.

  • Complex Commercial Litigation
  • Business Litigation
  • Disputes among owners of closely held businesses
  • Health care issues
  • Real estate and land-use matters
  • Employment disputes
  • Entity formation
  • Asset or stock purchases
  • Contract Drafting

Civil Litigation Lawyer California

California Business Lawyer

California Business Lawyer

Need a California Business Lawyer, the law firm of Wade Litigation., headquartered in, San Jose California supports business and companies all throughout California.  We have satellite law offices providing legal counsel to businesses, start-ups, entity creation, purchase and sale of a  business, drafts, reviews, contract negotiations, commercial documents and we can also act as your corporate counsel.  Our law firm specializes in commercial litigation and business litigation legal matters, we will represent a defendant or plaintiff in business and contractual associated legal disputes all throughout California.

Anytime you venture into any type of business with a partner, shareholder or an LLC (limited liability company), it is imperative and a best legal practice to get any and all agreements in writing.  Any pertinent documents should be signed by all members or related parties during the establishment of a corporation or other type of business entity.  Having a California business lawyer will assure that you have legally covered all of your bases.  If you need legal consultation about any particular type of documents that should be executed when entering into a business, partnership or corporation, contact a California Business Lawyer.  Wade Litigation has law offices throughout California serving clients from an array of industries specializing in California Business Law.  Contact any of our California Law firms today for an initial consultation.

California Business Lawyer

California Business Lawyer:  Brief Final Opinions and Judgements

When you are pursuing legal representation related to your company, partnership, corporation or any for-profit business entity contact Wade Litigation.

California Business Lawyer

  • San Jose Headquarters

     84 West Santa Clara Street, Suite 750

     San Jose, California 95113

  • Palo Alto Satellite Office:

     800 West El Camino Real, Suite 180

     Mountain View, California, 94040

  • San Mateo Satellite Office:

     951 Mariners Island Blvd, Suite 300

     San Mateo, California, 94404

  • Alameda County Satellite Offices:

     (A.) 1901 Harrison Street, Suite 1100

      Oakland, California, 94612

      (B.) 1101 Marina Village Parkway, Suite 201

       Alameda, California, 94501

  • San Francisco County Satellite Offices:

      (A.) One Market, Spear Tower, 36th floor

      San Francisco, California, 94105

      (B.) 1700 Montgomery Street, 1st Floor

        San Francisco, California, 94111

  •  Gilroy Office:

       8080 Santa Teresa, Ste 240

       Gilroy, CA 95020

With law offices throughout California, Wade Litigation can assist you with Civil Litigation, Business Litigation, Corporate & Business Law, Divorce & Family Law Litigation and even Personal Injury.  If a civil litigation claim arise and you need to defend or pursue a civil case, contact Wade Litigation today.  Amiel Wade the founder of Wade Litigation has excellent reviews from his peers and clients from leading legal publications.  San Jose Lawyer

(888) 909-9430

California Business Lawyer