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Lawyers in San Jose

Lawyers in San Jose

Next time you find yourself looking for lawyers in San Jose give Wade Litigation a call.  Amiel Wade a San Jose Lawyer specializing in civil litigation, business litigation, divorce, and family law, corporate law has offices located throughout California.  Amiel Wade has been recognized by Martindale-Hubbell with the Client Distinction Award for having client reviews above 4.8 or better out of 5.  This rare distinction is given to less than four percent of the almost one million lawyers listed on Martindale.  Trust is a huge factor when choosing any type of lawyers in San Jose.

Lawyers in San Jose 

A Superb 9.7 out of 10 rating from Avvo as a Top Litigation Attorney is just further proof that Amiel Wade heads what we believe is one of the most respected San Jose Law Firms.  The American Institute of Family Law Attorney’s named Amiel Wade a 10 Best 2016 Client Satisfaction for the state of California.  Not only do Wade Litigation clients have a high regard for respect for Amiel but his colleagues think the same way.  Amiel has the highest rating a lawyer can receive as noted by his peer awards from judges and competing lawyers.  Starting in 2013 and still going through 2016, Amiel Wade was honored as a top attorney in California by American Lawyer Media. During this same time period, the Legal Network also named him a top California lawyer.  Amiel Wade has continued to be recognized by the legal community since being admitted to the California Bar over 2 decades ago.

Wade Litigation continues to thrive by providing their clients with a commitment and caliber of legal service that is notorious for being highly successful.  Wade Litigation’s main office has lawyers in San Jose who can help you with an ethical, committed and aggressive approach to your legal disputes or lawsuits.  Wade Litigation represents a wide variety of clients from all types of trade and industry for businesses and companies of all sizes for their legal disputes.

Lawyers in San Jose

The Wade Litigation core value of commitment to providing ethical legal representation while guaranteeing a vigorous advocacy for all of our clientele, inside and outside of the courthouse is what drives our highly successful San Jose Law Firm.  We always welcome the occasion to hear from you about any legal issues that you would like to discuss.  

Wade Litigation was created on the principle of delivering the most aggressive and dependable legal service to our clientele with integrity and passion for positive results.  Wade Litigation has a hard-earned legal reputation that is squarely based on professionalism, ethics, and assertive skilled legal representation.

Lawyers in San Jose

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Lawyers in San Jose

California Civil Litigation Lawyer

California Civil Litigation Lawyer

Litigation is the procedure of having legal issues determined by the courts or an arbitration panel. This is the best course of legal action when an agreement or settlement cannot be mutually reached.  Civil Litigation has multiple platforms including, a trial with judge, full blown jury trials with judge and counsel, legal hearings in front of an administrative panel, administrative law judges and arbitrators.  No matter what type of judicial or arbitrary process you choose they all have a principle that controls the decision.  Laws are constantly evolving thus it is highly recommended to have a California Civil Litigation Lawyer present for any type of administrative hearing or deposition.  Having the legal expertise of a lawyer is generally recognized as the main reason behind a legal win or positive judgment for any type of litigation.

Committed Civil Litigation Lawyer that is experienced with Proven Results

Our main priority at Wade Litigation is to provide our clientele with top notch affordable legal service that is effective.  Resolving your legal issues in a timely manner in your favor is our goal.  Do you need to make a legal claim?  Perhaps you might want to file a lawsuit in California?  If you have been involved in any type of legal action, maybe you are being sued, you must respond in court.  Having legal advice and service from a California Civil Litigation Lawyer will ensure better results.


California Business Litigation Attorney

With a multitude of California Lawyers to choose from – Why Wade Litigation?  We believe our legal success and reliability is unsurpassed throughout the whole state of California.  We have satellite offices located conveniently all over California allowing us to better serve our client base.

California Civil Litigation Lawyer

  • San Jose Headquarters

     84 West Santa Clara Street, Suite 750

     San Jose, California 95113


  • Palo Alto Satellite Office:

     800 West El Camino Real, Suite 180

     Mountain View, California, 94040


  • San Mateo Satellite Office:

     951 Mariners Island Blvd, Suite 300

     San Mateo, California, 94404


  • Alameda County Satellite Offices:

    (A.) 1901 Harrison Street, Suite 1100

           Oakland, California, 94612


    (B.) 1101 Marina Village Parkway, Suite 201

          Alameda, California, 94501


  • San Francisco County Satellite Offices:

   (A.) One Market, Spear Tower, 36th floor

         San Francisco, California, 94105


(B.) 1700 Montgomery Street, 1st Floor

        San Francisco, California, 94111


  • Gilroy Office:

     8080 Santa Teresa, Ste 240

     Gilroy, CA 95020

Legal Skill and Courtroom expertise:  With decades of legal experience as a proven trial lawyer, with many successful settlements, verdicts, and awards for a wide selection of civil litigation cases.  These cases range from business disputes, breach of contract legal claims, real estate, personal injury and wrongful death.

Proven legal strategies and preparedness for our clients deliver positive results:  Many legal cases and lawsuits never make it to the trial level and are generally settled out of court by both parties before a trial comes to fruition.  Anytime a lawsuit is brought about your lawyer must perform in-depth legal research that is pertinent to your case while preparing for a trial.  Even if your case does not go to a trial being prepared is the proper course. To achieve the best settlement possible you must be able to show that you have the necessary legal facts, laws cited and great evidence to garner a positive result at trial if it gets to that point.   

California Civil Litigation Lawyer

Legal Expertise at all California Court levels including appeals:  Courtroom procedures are not immune to error as judges, lawyers, arbitrators and legal related panels are only human.  To err is human but to not respond legally is incompetence at first glance.  When a glaring mistake has been made, a legal case will most likely be appealed to a higher court, generally, an Appellate Court will review your case.  Ideally, you would prefer to get a verdict or ruling reversed, if not a new trial.  An Appellate Court will not take any new evidence into consideration, the evidence from the original trial must be presented as legally written arguments that demonstrate why the previous trial had a bad or wrong result.  We believe that It is imperative that you must have a California Civil Litigation Lawyer research and write great appeal arguments on your behalf.


Personal attention for any legal matter: All throughout California, a recurring complaint made by many clients about their attorney, is that they cannot make any contact with them at all to discuss their case.  At Wade Litigation you are open to call me anytime, when I’m in the office I will gladly take your call myself.  If I’m not in the office and happen to be in court or a legal proceeding just leave a message and I will get back with you at the earliest convenience.  Wade Litigation serving all of California, call for a legal consultation and see if we can assist you at one of our offices.    


The California Law Firm of Wade Litigation

(888) 909-9430

California Civil Litigation Lawyer



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law firm in san francisco

Law Firm in San Francisco

Choosing a law firm in San Francisco is not an easy feat. With so many possible options, it’s hard to choose a law firm in San Francisco. What should you look for? What’s important? Do they know what they’re doing? These are extremely important questions to ask yourself when choosing a Law firm in San Francisco. Choosing the right firm is the difference, between winning, and losing your lawsuit. Wade Law group, can guarantee that we’ll use all of our strength to help you, we will tirelessly fight to make sure you get the justice you deserve.

What should you look for?

When choosing a law firm in San Francisco you should alway look at the services they offer. The more service a firm in San Francisco has to offer means the larger they are. For example, Wade Law Group offers services in five major categories


  • Corporate and business Law
  • Business Litigation
  • Civil Litigation
  • Divorce and Family Law Litigation
  • Personal Injury Litigation


Operating in so many different areas of law, Wayde law group can be your law firm in San Francisco, and be able to fulfill all legal needs.

What’s Important?

When choosing a law firm in San Francisco, you need to choose a company that is going to treat your case with the importance it deserves. Here at Wayde Law Group, each case receives special attention, and we promise we will always fight for you. We always want to see Justice be served, so we’ll make sure you receive justice. If you are currently being sued, or need to sue, Wade Law Group can be your law firm in San Francisco.

Do They know what they’re doing?

After everything’s said and done, having experienced lawyers on your side can be the difference between winning and losing a lawsuit.  We Pride ourselves on always striving to be what we believe is one of the best law firms in California.


With offices throughout all of California, Wade Law group always has an office near you. We can be your law firm in San Francisco, but also in 3 other locations in California. Call us today, and have us fighting in your corner!

Law Firm in San Francisco

San Francisco Lawyer

San Francisco Lawyer

Looking for a San Francisco lawyer who can help you in your time of legal need?  Well, you have come to the right San Francisco Law Firm – Wade Litigation.  Depending on what type of legal assistance you require we will assign you the right San Francisco lawyer.  We provide a full range of legal services using the expertise of California bar certified lawyers.

Why Choose Wade Litigation?

Our San Francisco based lawyers cover many different areas of legal practice all throughout the state of California. We believe in providing the best legal solutions to our clients. For Wade Litigation, our client’s protection and best interest for their businesses are put first.  Our San Francisco law firm assures our clientele that whenever legal issues arise we will be there for them. Be it a personal dispute requiring litigation, business or corporate legal matter, property or family, our San Francisco Lawyer are ready to assist you all around the bay area.

We believe that we have the best and the most experienced lawyers in San Francisco.  We have been handling legal disputes for years now and have an excellent track record at all court levels. Our legal strategy is to find the ideal solution depending on your individual case using an aggressive strategy with swift legal action.  We strive to create an open and honest relationship with all of our clients.  This allows us to provide top-notch legal services at a reasonable cost.

Wade Litigation a San Francisco law firm known for providing their clients with positive legal advice with assistance for business and corporate legal issues.  We have a great deal of experience with business litigation including lawsuits, negotiations, and motions for a variety of clients.  Over the years our lawyers in San Francisco have handled property disputes, breach of contract, employment, stakeholders or partnership conflicts, arbitration, mediation and other business related issues that require litigation / lawsuits.


Using a San Francisco lawyer for family law conflicts is the best way to avoid common pitfalls.  Many costly mistakes are made when attempting to navigate complicated court procedure on your own. Visitation and monetary obligations along with asset division should be done by a professional San Francisco lawyer.  Our San Francisco lawyer cover many different areas of divorce, child custody other family law matters.

Let Wade Litigation help your business or person with any type of civil litigation matter.

(888) 909-9430

San Francisco Lawyer

San Francisco Lawyer