Month: February 2015

How to Set and Conquer Your 2015 Money Goals

Laying out a financial plan can be daunting, and the overwhelming nature of financial planning can convince many people, not to do it. However, the reality is that those who commit to a plan are around twenty percent more successful at improving their financial state.

Oddly, the specificity of your plan does not matter as much as the logical reasoning behind your plan. People who make specific plans on how they will save money are less likely to follow through on their plans than those who plan out why they are trying to save money. One explanation for this may be that plans change and life events can interfere with a rigid structure. If you focus on why you are doing this then you will want to return to your goal as soon as possible.

Our lawyers piece of advice is to be open to adaptation to your rigid plan and focus on your long-term goals. This is true for businesses and individuals. The Wade Law Group finds that this financial advice is similar to legal advice. If your business is in need of a structured legal plan to prevent legal liability please call our professional business law attorneys at (888) 909-9430 for a free consultation.

Low Prices Smooth Path for Carbon Add-On in California

Are you enjoying the falling prices at the pump? Prices may be set to rise as California moves to place more restrictions on carbon emissions. California has a cap and trade program in effect that has numerous restrictions on carbon emissions but as of January 1, California’s cap and trade program expanded to include gasoline and diesel. As the umbrella of the cap and trade program widens, it will cost oil companies more money that will ultimately get passed down onto the consumer.

One of the main reasons that this expansion of cap and trade happened in California is because the state, and the nation, are steadily seeing falling prices of oil. Crude is coming it at around $53 a barrel which is a price that has not been seen since 2009. However, the new expansion of the cap and trade regulations in California could see prices rise by over ten cents per gallon as businesses cope with the change. Get more business law information by following our blog or hiring the Wade Law Group for your business law needs. Call us at (888) 909-9430 for a free consultation.

Growth Surges in Silicon Valley, but Tech Talent Pool Limited

Tech is powering the Silicon Valley’s economic recovery, but a lack of educated workers may be bottlenecking that recovery. This could be a devastating problem for the region as tech related businesses compose over thirty-three percent of the financial power of the Silicon Valley. Much of this growth comes from start-ups that require a new workforce full of highly technologically educated employees. However, the Bay Area is proving incapable of producing the massive amounts of these candidates.

The shortage of technology workers is forcing many Silicon Valley employers to reach overseas to fulfill their needs. To keep the high-tech jobs in the area, California may need to place greater focus on educating students in the areas of math, science, technology, and engineering. As businesses continue to grow, this will become a greater problem. Also, as businesses grow it becomes more important to hire an experienced business lawyer. Call the highly qualified business attorneys with the Wade Law Group at (888) 909-9430 for a free consultation.

Your “Independent Contractor” Clause Just Got Less Relevant

Construction projects are becoming increasingly complex and as such multiple companies are used to perform single projects. Often, a large construction company will be the primary contractor on a project but hire a variety of specialized subcontractors. However, the main contracting entity does not like to be held liable for the actions of its many subcontractors. To avoid liability, the prime contractor usually has an agreement with the subcontractors that states that they are responsible for carrying out their portion of the project within the confines of the law.

While those agreements were commonplace, a new California law may make those agreements irrelevant. The cost to the primary contractor may now be greater liability. AB 1897 is the new law that went into effect on January 1, 2015. Under this new law, a primary contractor or client employer will share the civil legal responsibilities for all workers employed through contracts. If you need business law services and you are in the construction or any other industry, please call the business law specialists at Wade Law Group. You can reach us at 888-909-9430 for a free initial consultation.

Kaiser Mental Health Workers Are On Strike

Kaiser may again be violating the rights of its mental health patients. In 2013, the California Department of Managed Health Care found that Kaiser was intentionally understaffing its psychiatry department. That finding led to a $4 million fine that the health care giant was forced to pay. While that amount is miniscule to Kaiser, they may again be in violation of California law. More than 2,500 mental health workers are striking for better quality of care for their patients. The workers on strike range from therapist and psychologists to psychiatric nurses and social workers.

These professionals claim that even after the $4 million fine, Kaiser did not appropriately increase staffing. Instead, the striking workers claim that Kaiser gave rushed care to first-time patients but then made them wait up to months for their follow-up visits. This predicament ends up forcing at-risk individuals to wait weeks or months for adequate treatment. If you or a loved one experience injuries from lack of appropriate care, please call the Wade Law Group at 888-909-9430.

Spear Phishing: A Bigger Concern in 2015

Banks are trying to make it harder for hackers to get into mobile banking accounts, yet that does not mean your bank account is any safer. Hackers are always trying to find another way around restrictions that may be easier. For 2015, our lawyers fear that hackers will engage in banker employee fraud. Bank employees have credentials to much larger swaths of client information than individual users and so the reward is larger while the difficulty may be similar.

Hackers try to send phishing emails and use other forms of fraud to gain access to bank account information from employees. If an employee’s credentials are compromised, many user accounts may be in danger. Our attorneys highly recommend changing your banking passwords often to protect yourself. However, not all fraud can be prevented. If you or a loved one are a victim of fraud call the Wade Law Group as soon as possible at 888-909-9430.

Biggest Tech Trends for 2015

The 2015 Consumer Electronics Show begins, and we can expect to see gadgets that connect reality with technology. You can be sure that virtual reality, home automation, and tech-laden cars will all be on display. Virtual reality headsets and other wearable technology will definitely be big draws while Nest and other home automation technologies traverse the boundaries between reality and tech.

Our attorneys would like you to know that as new and exciting tech reaches the consumers, be weary of consumer fraud. Technology is pushing the boundaries of what is possible, but many companies may exaggerate their claims to entice buyers. If you run into consumer fraud, please call the Wade Law Group to protect your rights and the rights of all consumers. Call 888-909-9430 today.

California Drought: Digging Deeper for Water

Currently, California environmental and business law allows California farmers and businesses to drill an unlimited number of wells in the state. However, a tragedy of the commons is playing out as the water table across California continues to drop.

California’s intense drought is leading to a surge in the number of wells dug for water and an increasing depth of those wells. As the worst drought in almost ten years continued, the water table for all of California steady dropped. The groundwater close to the surface which used to fill the wells for many Californian homes dried up. The drying up of the groundwater lead to devastating consequences for some towns such as Porterville. Porterville’s well dried up and left its residence without a reliable source of water.

Conditions such as those in Porterville lead to the increased exploitation of California’s remaining groundwater. In the search for lower levels of groundwater, farmers and businesses drilled deeper and more often increasing the burden on the existing water supply. Using satellite technology, research already indicates that California’s groundwater supply has been falling dramatically since the beginning of the drought.

One of the primary areas of groundwater depletion is in the central valley. Unfortunately, this is also one of the areas of California that needs a healthy groundwater supply the most. California’s central valley is home to enormous agricultural production of nuts, fruits, and other produce. These crops, especially the rich almond harvests, require significant amounts of water to maintain which places an increased burden on the water supply and forces more well digging.

In order to replenish the groundwater supply in California, we may have to endure less food and more restrictions on water acquisition. This may lead to increased business regulation and new business laws. If you need a qualified business law attorney, please contact Wade Law Group at (888) 909-9430.