Month: October 2014

San Jose Personal Injury Lawyer

The fall season is a time that many in our area will celebrate a well-known, much loved holiday. Halloween is a day in which excited children dress up, show off their costumes and enjoy too many sweet treats.  It is also a time when children are exposed to potential injury due to some increased risks and conditions that exist on Halloween.  The San Jose Personal Injury lawyers at The Wade Law Groupoffer the following safety tips for all trick-or-treaters and party-goers to ensure a safe and fun holiday, instead of a scary one.

Children should never trick-or-treat alone.  Young children should be accompanied by an adult and older children must always travel together and abide by all township and city curfews.

Children pedestrians on Halloween night can be difficult for motorists to see.  Children must use flashlights and wear reflective tape along with their costume to alert drivers of their presence.

Trick-or-treaters must use designated crosswalks, sidewalks whenever available and walk the same way as the traffic flow.   Supervising adults must be on guard to prevent children from running between cars or darting across yards which can increase the risk of a pedestrian accident.

The risk of a slip and fall accidentcan be reduced if costumes are well-fitted without loose material or masks that impede vision.

Beware of costume accessories or props.  Any part of a child’s Halloween costume must be soft, bendable and not potentially harmful to others.

Trick-or-treaters must be careful of any lit flames from jack-o-lanterns or other Halloween decorations to prevent the risk of a fire.

Adults must be sure to inspect any candy or treats to ensure they are safe to eat before a child enjoys them.  Caution children against eating unwrapped candy or anything homemade from someone they do not know.

Children should be advised not to enter an unknown household when trick-or-treating, regardless of the reason (the resident wants to see their costumes, give them more candy, etc.)  Stranger danger is not eliminated on the holiday.


Santa Cruz Practice Areas

Santa Cruz Practice Areas

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Civil Litigation
When a party is sued, that party needs a proven trial lawyer who knows the courtroom as well as the dynamics of litigation. The litigation process can be emotionally charged, volatile and draining and it is extremely important for the participants have a competent and savvy attorney who can provide adequate and aggressive representation. [read more…]

Business Litigation
While we focus our initial services on preventing legal liability, when litigation cannot be avoided we defend our clients aggressively, effectively and in a financially responsible manner. Wade Law Group’s litigation practice offers comprehensive litigation and dispute resolution services involving companies of all sizes and regardless of the industry category. [read more…]

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The divorce process can be emotionally charged, volatile and draining and it is extremely important for the participants to have a competent and savvy attorney to provide adequate representation. In order to fully achieve the dissolution of a marriage, the division and allocation of the parties’ property rights must be determined. [read more…]

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We are proud to offer our services to victims of serious and catastrophic injuries and the loved ones of victims of wrongful deaths. We work tirelessly to make certain that our clients recover the compensation that they deserve. [read more…]

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