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Being Served Civil Papers

What To Do (And Not To Do) After Being Served Civil Papers

Being served civil papers can be an extremely stressful and confusing situation for anyone. Since most people have little to no knowledge of the civil litigation process, it is extremely important to follow certain steps to ensure your case is treated fairly and you do not give away any advantages you may have. Continue reading “What To Do (And Not To Do) After Being Served Civil Papers”

Civil Litigation Attorney

Civil Litigation Attorney

Have you encountered a legal dispute that calls for a civil litigation attorney? Are you searching for the best civil litigation attorney in the state of California? Do you want a civil litigation attorney from one of the most well-respected and highly regarded California law firms? If you find yourself answering yes to any of these questions then take some time to look into our team at Wade Law Group. Wade Law Group is a law firm that actively represents every region of the entire state of California. We were founded by Amiel Wade, the most highly honored and awarded civil litigation attorney in our respective area, and we guarantee a quick and satisfactory outcome for all those that seek out our help. To find out more about the different legal services we provide or for more information about our law firm visit our website here: Wade Law Group.

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