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Lawsuit Filed Against Me

Are You Being Sued? Here’s What To Do!

Are you thinking I have a lawsuit filed against me, now what? Many people who have been served court papers quickly contact the plaintiff or lawyer to explain that a lawsuit is unnecessary, the facts are mistaken, or another person is to blame. Don’t make this mistake! You could wreck your case and convince the other side that you are helpless. Instead, use the following steps:

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Attorneys in San Jose CA

Attorneys in San Jose CA

Our team here at Wade Law Group is dedicated to providing excellent services and legal counsel to keep you and your business on the right track. We take pride in being among the best attorneys in San Jose CA; we will continuously provide you with the information and attentiveness you’d expect from professional lawyers. You will feel our support, presence, and dedication as we work and represent you throughout all aspects of your case. If you need effective legal representation turn to Wade Litigation, we will offer guidance in whatever matters you may need while providing effective results. Our center objective is for you to feel protected and aided while dealing with any legal situation you’ve called us for.

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San Jose Family Lawyer

San Jose Family Lawyer

Wade Law Group is a trusted and respected San Jose family lawyer service. Wage Law Group will work diligently to understand and deliver favorable results to your case. We have experience with and comprehend the fragile and daunting complexion of circumventing family litigation. Our firm has locations all over California ready to bring you the representation that you not only need but also deserve.  We will be attentive percipients when listening to your case and work to pair you with the best San Jose family lawyer to aid you with your needs.

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Wade Law Group Wins Another Trial on behalf of Client

(San Jose, CA) Tuesday July 18, 2016 – The prominent law firm of Wade Law Group claimed victory yesterday when Alameda County Superior Court Trial Judge, Dennis Hayashi entered a judgment on behalf of the firm’s client, after a disputed trial.

The firm’s latest victory involved an action in which the firm was representing a female client who wishes to remain anonymous.  The client was sued by her former father-in Law, Jagtar Singh Kahn for breach of contract.  Kahn, claimed that the firm’s client owed him thousands of dollars as a result of her failure to repay loans that he made to her.  Kahn also claimed that he loaned the money to the firm’s client to assist her in paying off over $350,000 in student loan debt.

When the trial began, Wade argued that law suit was bogus, that there never was any loan and that his client never even used the Father-in Law’s money.  Wade also argued that Kahn should be ordered to pay his client’s costs.  After the conclusion of the trial, Judge Hayashi sided with Wade and issued a judgement in favor of the firm’s client and against Kahn. The judgment also stated that Wade’s client would be entitled to recover here costs from Kahn.

When asked how he felt about the results, Wade sated: “I’m happy for our client.  Now she can finally put this horrible lawsuit behind her.  I definitely believe that justice was done.”

Amiel Wade Selected As One of The Top Ten Attorneys In California

(San Jose, CA) April 8, 2016 – The American Institute of Legal Counsel (the “AIOLC”) has selected Amiel Wade as one of the top ten attorneys in California. The AIOLC is an impartial third party Attorney rating service and invitation only legal organization recognizing excellence of practitioners in the field. Wade was selected to the exclusive list of the “10 Best” attorneys in California for client satisfaction in the practice area of litigation, lawsuits and disputes.

The selection is a significant achievement as each attorney who makes the list must be: i) formally nominated by the institute, clients and/or fellow attorneys, ii) have attained the highest degree of professional achievement and iii) have an impeccable Client Satisfaction Rating. Membership is exclusive and only those select few who has reached the top of their profession while doing so with client satisfaction being of the most paramount importance.

Once nominated, the AIOLC thoroughly researches each candidate and the list is narrowed down to the “10 Best”. When asked how he felt about earning the award, Wade stated: “I am extremely humbled by the award. Client satisfaction means everything to me. Our entire focus is to build client relationships and achieve client satisfaction second to none.

Wade Law Group Hires Attorney Karla De La Torre

San Jose, CA- March 25, 2016 – The prominent law firm of Wade Law Group announced today that attorney Karla De La Torre has joined its San Jose office. Ms. De La Torre is an associate in the firm’s civil litigation group, which covers all facets of litigation in both state and federal courts. She will specialize in litigation, conducting jury trials and in helping businesses and individuals resolve complex disputes. She will also be handling arbitrations and mediations.

Prior to joining the firm, Ms. De La Torre also worked as a civil attorney in San Jose and was known for her ability to resolve disputes quickly. Ms. De La Torre received her law degree from Santa Clara University School of Law where she received numerous scholarships and awards. Partner Amiel Wade said, “We are very pleased that Ms. De La Torre has joined our team. Her skill set will serve our clients very well.”

Wade Law Group Wins the Martindale Hubble Client Distinction Award                                     

(San Jose, CA) March 25, 2016– The prominent Law Firm of Wade Law Group procured yet another award in the area of client satisfaction. The latest award was announced yesterday when America’s Registry once again awarded the firm’s president, Amiel Wade, the prestigious Martindale Hubble Client Distinction award. Less than 1% of the 900,000+ attorneys listed on and have been accorded this Martindale-Hubbell honor of distinction. Wade Law Group received the award based on Wade’s client reviews. Mr. Wade’s client’s rated Wade at least 4.8 or higher on a scale of 1 to 5 in the areas of: i) Communications ability; ii) Responsiveness; iii) Quality of Service and iv) Value for Money.

Martindale Hubbell is a prestigious organization that assists individuals looking to hire attorneys. Martindale Hubbell provides consumers with a detailed and comprehensive view of a lawyer’s abilities.

When asked how he felt about earning the award, Wade stated: “I am pleased to have received this award based because it says a lot about how we feel about our clients. We will continue to make client satisfaction the focus of everything that we do.”

Rider Thrown Out Of Car After Kissing Date Sues Uber

Amiel L. Wade

December 4, 2015

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Los Angeles (December 3, 2015, 11:15 PM ET) — A gay passenger who alleged that an Uber driver kicked him and his date out of the car after they shared a kiss lobbed a civil rights suit against the ride-hailing company on Wednesday in California state court, blaming the company for the “negligent hiring” of the driver.

In the latest in a long line of legal actions taken against the company over alleged misbehavior of its drivers, San Francisco resident Roman Scanlon claims that after he and his date shared a “brief closed-mouth kiss” during an Uber ride in Los Angeles in March, the driver became angry and yelled obscenities and anti-gay slurs at the couple and ordered them out of the vehicle, saying he would drive them no further.

Scanlon, who was still charged about $8 for the aborted ride, said he was discriminated against based on his sexual orientation and therefore denied free and equal access to services provided by Uber Technologies Inc., a violation of California’s Unruh Civil Rights Act, according to the 10-page complaint.

By not exercising reasonable care in hiring or training the driver — who is not named as a defendant and is cited anonymously in the suit — Uber is liable for negligent hiring, supervision and retention, the suit says. Uber considers its drivers contractors, not employees.

In addition, Scanlon claims that Uber committed unfair business practices under state law by falsely representing that it supports gay rights on its website, in customer emails and in the media.

“Although Uber represents to the public that it is committed to safeguarding LGBT rights and to principles of equality, Uber refuses to implement the types of policies, procedures, and training protocols reasonably required to safeguard against the type of discrimination experienced by plaintiff,” according to the complaint.

A representative for Uber did not immediately respond to a request for comment late Thursday.

In other recent litigation against the company, two women who allege they were sexually assaulted by Uber drivers launched a suit in October in California federal court accusing the company of sacrificing strict background checks and other safety measures in favor of higher profits.

Collecting on Your Judgment Through the Use of a Lien

Amiel L. Wade

December 4, 2015


After you have won your case in civil court, a judgment will be entered by the court. As part of a typical judgment, the losing party will be obligated to pay money to the winner.  However, the person who owes the money (the debtor) doesn’t always pay up. A judgment lien is one way to ensure that the person who won the judgment (the creditor) gets what he or she is owed. A judgment lien gives the creditor the right to be paid a certain amount of money from proceeds from the sale of the debtor’s property.

In California, a judgment lien can be attached to the debtor’s real estate — meaning a house, condo, land, or similar kind of property interest — or to the debtor’s personal property — things like jewelry, art, antiques, and other valuables.  A creditor can even attach a debtor’s bank account, stocks investment and other financial assets to obtain the money owed from those assets.

To attach a lien to real estate, the creditor simply needs take or mail the abstract of judgment to the county recorder’s office in any California county where the debtor owns real estate now, or may own it in the future. The attachment will prevent the debtor from selling the property legitimately.  Once the attachment is done, the creditor can then file the appropriate motion with the court to force the sale of the property. For personal property, the creditor files a Notice of Judgment Lien with the California Secretary of State.

One a judgment is obtained, the creditor can force the debtor to come into court and provide all information about the debtor’s assets.  This is called a debtor’s examination. A creditor can also serve a copy of the judgment on a debtor’s bank account and the bank will freeze any money in the account and provide it to the creditor.  A creditor can also garnish a debtor’s wages.

If you need help in collecting on your judgment, contact an experienced attorney to assist you.