While we focus our initial services on preventing legal liability, when litigation cannot be avoided we defend our clients aggressively, effectively and in a financially responsible manner.

Wade Law Group’s litigation practice offers comprehensive litigation and dispute resolution services involving companies of all sizes and regardless of the industry category. These services include pre-litigation counseling, mediation, arbitration and litigation in state and federal courts (both jury and non-jury).

Our trial attorneys have expertise across the spectrum of issues confronting the firm’s clients, including labor and employment disputes as well as general commercial disputes. We realize that corporate litigation requires a careful balancing of many factors, including costs, principle and potential liability.

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At Wade Law Group, our trial attorneys aggressively protect our clients’ interests with sensitivity to image, values and budget. In defending our clients interests, we keep our clients informed and involved in all strategic decisions. We represent clients in defending lawsuits as well as in prosecuting them.

Laws are not always black and white and since the beginning of modernized civilization courts have been established to create boundaries for what is wrong and right.

Not one single type of business entity is immune from legal conflict. (Sole Proprietorship, LLC [Limited Liability Company], Cooperative, Corporation, Partnership, S Corporation)  Having a lawyer help you dispute your side of events will allow for a more favorable outcome.  There are many reputable San Jose Law Firms to choose from but Wade Law Group has proven themselves inside and outside of the courtroom.

Sometimes in business disagreements can lead to litigation, whether by an individual, a company, or a national corporation.  The lawyers at Wade Law Group know that if and when a conflict comes, it is imperative to aim for a resolution rapidly in order to lessen the negative impact on the client or, if resolution is not capable, to shrewdly solve the matter via court proceedings.  Settling is not an issue at this point because Wade Law Group has the most experienced trial lawyers with proven experience.  There are many law firms in San Jose but none of them will represent you as well as Wade Law Group.

At Wade Law Group we fully understand that owners of businesses and corporations would much rather concentrate on their day to day operations.

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Rapid resolution of any legal strife will ensure a smoother working environment along with a more positive production.  Efficiency in the courtroom is a Wade Law Group hallmark.  We are not only San Jose Lawyers but have offices in: Santa Clara, Palo Alto, Mountain View, San Mateo, Alameda, San Francisco and Gilroy.  We are also expanding to other regions throughout California.

Amiel Lee Wade chairs the San Jose Law firm’s headquarters commercial business litigation department.  Amiel has been licensed and has practiced law for more than twenty years in the commercial business trial arena, with a focal point that centers on trial litigation.  All throughout his distinguished career Mr. Wade has successfully tried many trial cases, jury & non-jury as well as managing multiple arbitrations. 

The Wade Law Group has a team of seasoned business attorneys ready to represent you today.  We have represented organizations and businesses of all sizes from publicly traded to small local California company’s.  We have an experienced legal staff ready to go to battle for you no matter what the issue is, from smaller disputes up to highly complex litigation issues.  

Amiel Lee Wade is a seasoned expert in all aspects of business litigation law before state courts, federal courts, administrative agencies, and arbitrators.